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Next level agile leadership? Kies de ontwikkelmethode die bij jou past

Let’s refresh, reinvent and redefine leadership, together with Re-lead. Align your agile leadership with the new, outcome-oriented way of working. Supported by experienced leadership expert, consultant, and author Peter Koning.

An agile leader with a refreshing management style. Who creates an inspiring environment for self-managing teams. Where teams collaborate and learn from customers and each other. And continuously improve. Is that how you envision your leadership? Re-lead trains, coaches, advises and guides you (and your organization) in this.

Discover the various possibilities and meet the driving force behind Peter Koning.

Peter Koning Speaker

About Peter Koning

Peter Koning is an agile leadership coach, speaker, and founder of He has over fifteen years of experience in agile, scrum, lean, Kanban, and XP.

As an agile team manager, he experienced what it means to be an agile leader. And he introduced scrum to companies such as Stabiplan and CCS. In recent years, he coaches and supports leaders, management teams and companies with his experience and knowledge. From small software companies to large multinationals in various sectors.

As an agile leadership consultant, he helps others develop new leadership skills, a fresh mindset and various leadership patterns. In order to create a healthy work environment, where employees are energized, pro-active, take ownership, grow and learn. This is vital in a rapidly changing market that is customer driven.

Agile Leadership Workshop for management teams

As a management team, you will see the benefits of agile and scrum. But you also ask yourself: how do we get this way of working into the DNA of our organization, so we can maximize its benefits? And: how can we as a management team play a facilitating role in this?

We get to work with these questions during an interactive (online) workshop, based on interviews with management team members. In just two hours, you will lay the foundation for agile leadership. Theoretical and practical, with breakouts and exercises.

Examples of topics to cover:
  • Guiding and have a grip on things, while giving teams more freedom
  • Increase ownership and customer focus in the teams
  • The differences between agile, scrum, lean, safe, Kanban, and holacracy
  • The distinction between business and organizational agility

Complete agile leadership toolkit

How do you lead self-organizing teams well? To answer this question, Peter Koning developed a practical agile leadership toolkit. Based on thorough research and years of practical experience, he wrote a book full of tools and measuring instruments, with concrete guidelines, practical examples, and step-by-step plans. The book will give you as an agile leader plenty of tools to lead self-managing teams. Enabling team members to flourish, become successful, and really add value to your customers.

Agile Leadership Toolkit Peter Koning


Take the next step in agility: inspire your employees, show them what (more) agile working gives them. With a motivational talk by Peter Koning. Topics he speaks about often are:

1. Customer focus

What does it mean to be more customer focused? And does it come at the expense of business interests? Get practical tips for delivering more value to customers.

2. Agile in practice

What does agile working mean for employees? What does it change? Discover the essence of agile, including key terms and challenges. And get inspired by real-life examples.

3. Agile Leadership in a nutshell

What does agile working require from managers and leaders? Discover the essence of this new way of working, learn to find the balance between freedom and anarchy as a management team, and learn to lead self-organizing teams.

Advice for organizations

Proactive, outcome-oriented employees who continue to learn. Is this what you want to achieve? Get advice and a concrete roadmap with Re-lead Agility Advice:

  • Attention to strategy, team classification, governance, metrics, and meeting rhythms
  • Insight in the roles of product owner, scrum master, project leaders and executives

We follow several steps for this Agility Advice. After each step, we evaluate together in order to take the best next step. The model on the right makes this transparent.

Advies voor organisaties
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