Order Agile Toolkit or Agile DNA

Develop yourself as an agile leader and reinvent the culture of your organization, using concrete tools, practical examples, and roadmaps. Order Agile Leadership Toolkit or Agile DNA by Peter Koning.

About Agile Leadership Toolkit

As an agile leader, you want the team to grow and react faster to changes in the market. Agile Leadership Toolkit gives you practical tips, specific tools, and roadmaps. And offers you inspiration with case studies and interviews. You will discover:

  • How to maintain a grip on your team in an effective and energetic way.
  • How your team will make a difference, resulting in more customer impact.
  • Which overviews, reports, meetings, and metrics help.
  • When to let go and when to intervene.
  • What the right kind of self-organization is for your team.
Agile Leadership Toolkit Peter Koning

About Agile DNA

Successful agile working is only possible if it’s in the DNA of your organization, if your organization has an agile company culture. Only then will you reap the benefits of agile working. Agile DNA gives managers and executives an idea of the culture you need: a culture in which trust, working together, learning from each other, and continuous adjustments are key. And offers practical tips, metrics, and meeting examples to shape this culture. You will discover:

  • What a healthy agile company culture is.
  • What a culture looks like that continuously brings success, even when changes happen at a rapid pace.
  • How strategic agility ensures that your organization achieves unprecedented results.
  • What culture it takes for your organization to be agile at a strategic level.
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