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As a CIO, how do you make your managers realize that the agile working method is necessary to increase customer satisfaction? And that this is also the case for product management and sales teams? Read how a leadership training from Re-lead will help you convince your manager. Get inspired by this case study.

Low customer satisfaction
A medium-sized Dutch product software company had problems with their customer satisfaction. In some cases, customers stayed mainly because of the high conversion costs if they switched. Not because they were satisfied. The cause? Their wishes were not taken care of until very late.

Agile working method
Agile working was already the standard method for the company’s development teams. The CIO wanted product management and sales to switch as well. Because this way of working increases ownership and contributes to higher customer satisfaction. His challenge: how do I convince the director that agile working is not just for development teams?

Leadership training
Re-lead provided a two-day agile leadership training for the product managers and IT leads. To show that the agile working method is crucial for a higher customer satisfaction.

This produced a new working method:

  • Self-organizing teams focus on specific customer groups
  • These teams are given the freedom to decide for themselves how to handle customer complaints and wishes

The result: higher customer satisfaction. In addition, the organization now develops new functionalities more often with customers than for customers.

Tell us your agile challenge
Are you in a similar situation or is there another agile question in your organization? Make an appointment. And discover how Re-lead can help you develop refreshing and new agile leadership skills.

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