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Leadership workshop

Suppose you are a successful manager of a group of experts and get promoted to a higher management team. As a result, you will be managing more people. How do you adjust your leadership style? Discover how 1-on-1 coaching sessions can help.

New situation due to promotion
A manager of a large financial services company had years of experience leading a group of experts. He was an expert himself and could therefore brainstorm with his team in terms of content. Due to his success, he was promoted to a higher management team. This put him in charge of more people.

Downward spiral
The promotion created several challenges: he became busier and had less substantive knowledge. In addition, he had questions such as ‘How can I be sure that things are going well?’ and ‘Are colleagues doing the right things?’ He also found it difficult to earn the respect and mandate from his new, fellow MT colleagues.

This combination of playing catch-up, taking insufficient time for the most important leadership tasks, reacting from nerves and a negative mid-evaluation caused the agile leader to fall into a downward spiral.

1-on-1 coaching sessions
He sought help and during 1-on-1-coaching sessions, he learned to:

  • Better understand and articulate what change has taken place
  • Articulate more clearly the vision for his teams
  • Explicitly appeal to the self-organization of his teams
  • Be clear about what his own leadership strength is and when he should ask for help, delegate, or don’t do it
  • Create the ownership model together with a few team members during a workshop
  • Map the new stakeholder field and act consciously on this

As a result, he has grown in his own leadership ability. He knows better what he does and doesn’t want. For example: he doesn’t want further promotion to an even higher MT, but still find the balance between sufficient substance and tactical participation in the decision-making process. And finally, he enjoys the teams that are growing and becoming more mature.

Tell us your agile challenge
Are you in a similar situation or is there another agile leadership question in your organization? Make an appointment. And discover how Re-lead can help you develop refreshing and new agile leadership skills.

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