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More Ownership

Are you getting frustrated because you feel that product owners don’t take enough ownership? This frustration can damage their confidence in you as an agile leader. Find out how to avoid this. Get inspired by the true story of a senior product manager.

Insufficient ownership
An experienced senior product manager is responsible for multiple product owners. These product owners are responsible for the complete customer journey. The manager felt that the product owners didn’t take enough ownership or pay enough attention to the end result and value for the customer. Instead, they were very preoccupied with details and the atmosphere in the team. They also got carried away by stakeholders and didn’t voice their own opinions enough.

Coaching and workshops
His frustration caused others to trust him less. That is why he asked Re-lead for help. We started 1-on-1 coaching sessions and workshops with the product owners.

Through these coaching sessions, the senior product manager has a better understanding of his leadership qualities are and which tasks he should delegate. He is also better able to communicate his vision and goals to the product owners. And he appeals more explicitly to their self-organization.

During a workshop with all the product owners, we made concrete what they need to work together more and when working together is necessary; in which areas a product owner decides himself how to proceed, and how they can realize common goals.

Finally, product owner stakeholders are more satisfied because product owners show more leadership.

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