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An organization with > 3000 employees underwent several reorganizations and started working agile. These two changes were not well received in the IT department. As a result, ownership was particularly low. Discover how an ownership model improved the growth in ownership. Get inspired by a real-life example.

Implementing improvements in the IT department
The employees of the IT department of an energy company faced various reorganizations. These reorganizations and the switch to the agile working method were not well received by the employees: ownership in the IT department was low.

Benefits of agile working
Despite the negative reception, the IT director wanted to use the agile working method anyway. Because his goal was to increase self-organization and therefore customer focus. He started working with an ownership model.

Growth path star model
We made a growth path star model together with employees from various teams. In this model, we named what showed improvement instead of describing how the teams should improve. We used for example the stakeholder satisfaction, the sprint reliability, and the solution speed in this ownership model.

Great result
Teams that reached a higher level were rewarded with a prize, a certificate and a visit from management. At the same time, teams noticed their own improvement: they were able to deliver more value to users and customers. This realization is even more important for growth in ownership.


Quote from a customer

“Peter has brought Eneco more customer value! By facilitating us in an inspiring way and supporting our change to the new way of working and the associated culture change. A culture with a lot of ownership where job satisfaction has also increased significantly. This has resulted in demonstrably more value for the customer.”

Mark Edelbroek, Head BTO IT-Operations

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