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It is quite a challenge to successfully introduce and implement a new way of working after a reorganization. How do you get this new way of working off the ground? What is the role of the agile leader and what is required from the team? Discover how workshops and offsites can help.

Reorganization operational department
A departmental director of a utility company wanted to reorganize her operational department: merge two departments and introduce a new (agile) management method. She expected to achieve more turnover with fewer people and lower costs this way.

Cross-functional teams
The department was traditionally organized with expert teams, such as the marketing team, complaints team, processing team, and product management team. Her goal was to organize the department into cross-functional teams that would become responsible together for a total customer segment. To increase customer focus and processing speed and reduce overhead among teams.

Workshops and offsites
She wondered: how do I get this new way of working off the ground? What governance, organizational structure and culture are needed? We supported her in her search with various workshops and offsites. This went as follows:

  • Using various exercises and games, we created an understanding of and experience with the new way of working and mindset.
  • Next, several employees were involved in the trial run.
  • The departmental director was able to spar with an experience expert about the hard, measurable side (governance, metrics, meetings, structure) and about the soft side (culture, working together, trust, faith).

The reorganization was a success: employee and customer satisfaction rose sharply, as did turnover.

Tell us your agile challenge
Are you in a similar situation or is there another agile question in your organization? Make an appointment. And discover how Re-lead can help you develop refreshing and new agile leadership skills.

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