A better understanding of agile leadership

In many organizations, employees do specific and creative work that requires collaboration. This is different from forty years ago, when work was often repetitive, predictable and individual. It is up to you as a leader to align your agile leadership and get your people, teams or department on board.

As an agile leader, you are responsible for the continuous improvement of the company culture and working environment of self-managing teams. So your teams can optimally focus on providing high quality, deliver value to the customers, work together, take ownership and learn fast.

With a new mindset and the right tools, this type of leadership is within reach. Discover what ‘agile leadership’ is, on which aspects an agile leader acts, and how to get your team and leaders on board. And get inspired by real-life examples.

Leadership workshop

Case example: implementing agile working methods

It is quite a challenge to introduce and successfully implement a new way of working after a reorganization. A departmental director of a utility company asked for support. Read the story.

Essence of agile leadership

What is the essence of Agile Leadership? As a leader you create the right environment for the self-managing teams to thrive. But how?

  1. Customer Focus – co-create an inspiring direction that is focused on the customer.
  2. Team ownership – facilitate that the teams take ownership.
  3. Learn faster – create a safe environment to learn, fail and improve.
  4. Healthy habits – design, build and improve a healthy culture.
  5. My purpose and values – have a strong personal purpose and value system.
New Steering wheel Agile Leader

1. Customer focus

Customers expect more and more service from companies. They can easily switch providers online. Through social media, customers also have more influence on the image of companies. It is therefore essential for an agile leader to optimally attune his teams to the customers and the customer journeys. Find out how to facilitate this and how a Key Value Indicator helps.

2. Team Ownership

When your team takes ownership, it means that team members are proactive, proud, initiating and engaged. They don’t wait for assignments from you, but they take the initiative themselves. It’s the leader’s responsibility that teams take ownership. The challenge for an agile leader: finding the balance between micromanagement and total freedom. Read how an ownership model supports this.

3. Learn faster & Agility

Today’s product or service doesn’t fit tomorrow’s challenge. But it’s hard to plan for the unknown. That is why your organization needs to offer flexible and agile solutions. This is only possible with employees with various skills in specialized teams that work closely together. Read how to get started with the agility of your team, and how to measure progress with a Time-2-Learn metric.

4. Healthy habits & Culture

The job of an agile leader is to envision, shape and continuously improve the optimal company culture. You can achieve this by consistently setting a good example through your agile leadership skills. And by discussing which habits get in the way of the new company culture during team sessions. Get more insights and discover how the practical Habit Matrix tool can support you.

5. My purpose & values

Strong leadership isn’t about being dominant and strong minded. Strong leadership is all about a strong personal purpose and value-system. That you know why you want to lead others and that your behavior & decisions radiate a positive and healthy value system. That you show the right behavior, even when nobody is watching.

Do the (free) agile leadership 360

Do you want to grow? Get feedback from the people around you on the these dimensions. As an introduction, this Agile Leadership 360 is free (normal price $ 500,-).

Case: more ownership through refreshed leadership

Suppose you’re a successful leader of a group of experts. You get promoted to a higher management team. Chances are you need to adjust your leadership accordingly. Discover how Re-lead can help you in this situation.

Agile Leadership: unlock the passion, drive, liveliness and ownership of your teams. So they can unlock awesome customer value.

Peter Koning Snapshot Coach Agile Leadership
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