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As a leader, you want to increase the engagement and ownership. You want to make your (agile) teams more effective and deliver more value to your customers. But how? Discover practical solutions, inspiring examples and refreshing ideas.

Set your organization in motion with new tools, metrics and meetings. Create clarity for your self-managing teams so they know what is to be expected. Together with Re-lead, through concrete advice, training, books and interim management.


Get new tools, metrics & meetings

You have self-managing teams. But are they really effective? How to really harvest the benefits of these teams? Leading these self-organizing teams requires different skills and tools than leading a group of experts or leading a traditional department. It doesn’t require ‘just let go and trust’. It requires different metrics, like T2L and KVI. It requires the skill to create an inspiring context in which these self-managing teams can thrive. Learn more >>


Use our assessment

You’re working with agile for a while now. But how to make it (more) effective? How to really harvest the benefits of this new way of organizing? Re-Lead has developed several tools and assessments to measure the effectiveness of your agile organization and can give you tangible advice on how to maximize the value to your customers.

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What others say

Peter has brought more customer value to Eneco! By facilitating us in an inspiring way with the change to the new way of working and the associated culture change. A culture with a lot of ownership in which job satisfaction has also increased considerably. This has resulted in demonstrably more value for the customer.

Mark Edelbroek – Head BTO IT-Operations – Eneco


Peter Koning

Re-lead is a network of leadership experts founded by agile leadership expert and author Peter Koning. Be supported in your leadership development by experienced experts. With practical advice, training, books or interim management.


Peter Koning

Teams take more ownership, your organization becomes fast-learning and agile and the corporate culture is 100 percent customer-oriented. That is what you achieve with agile leadership. Find out how to get started!


From management tips to insights about the autonomy of employees.


Agile Leadership Toolkit is a practical guide to lead self-managing teams.
Agile Leadership Toolkit Peter Koning
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